Mitsubishi Electric Automation J5 Series Servo Motor New Products


It has been more than half a year since Mitsubishi’s latest J5 series servos were released. Recently, Mitsubishi has further enriched the product line.

1. The motion module RD78GH that can control 128/256 axes is launched

2. The motor & driver product line is expanded to 7KW, motor with safety encoder.

Motor & Amplifier Product Line
Motor amplifier combination (J5 series can use high-power driver and small-power motor to increase torque)
Motor with safety encoder
Safety encoder motor with suffix WS
J5 series drives realize safety functions without additional safety modules

In addition to the existing STO/SLS/SS1/SS2/SOS/SBC functions

The following three security functions have been added:

①SDI safety rotation direction limit

②SLI safety movement limit

②SLT safe torque limit

3. Further improve the function of prevention and preservation

The motion module can record the real-time command value and feedback value of all real axes when a fault occurs ,

Easy to compare & confirm the cause of failure

Can be analyzed by Mitsubishi’s graphical software GX Log-Viewer

4. Real-time data monitoring function

The 32-point data of the motion controller can be monitored in real time remotely, which is convenient for debugging and fault maintenance

5. The device can be simulated through GX WORKS3, and the program can be debugged without actual conditions.

6. Start sales of encoder & power supply single connector single cable/dual cable connector.

7. Motor with reducer

Covering HK-KT&HK-ST series

8. Sale of partner products

①Slip ring (NSD) supporting TSN protocol

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